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Oklahoma Atheists
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August 2006
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inkbrush76 [userpic]
Blog of the Week

JREF- The James Randi Educational Foundation

James Randi is a stage magician and famous skeptic who maintains an organization dedicated to outing the "woo-woos" of the world. Famous examples of dubious claims laid bare by Mr. Randi include: Bigfoot, homeopathy, ESP, ghosts, and astrtology. He's got an ongoing challenge called (appropriately) the James Randi Educational Foundation Paranormal Challenge, worth $1,000,000. All you have to do to win said prize money is prove a paranormal ability of some sort under controlled laboratory experiments.

Yeah, no one's won the money yet, and almost no one's taken him up on it. Funny that.

Anyway, he also has a weekly news update that features a lot of interesting news regarding the continuing fight against idiocy and superstition in the world. All in all, a wonderful resource for the rationalists.