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Oklahoma Atheists
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And while I'm at it, yoinked from James Randi as well, here's a recording of Harry Houdini made by Thomas Edison.

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JREF- The James Randi Educational Foundation

James Randi is a stage magician and famous skeptic who maintains an organization dedicated to outing the "woo-woos" of the world. Famous examples of dubious claims laid bare by Mr. Randi include: Bigfoot, homeopathy, ESP, ghosts, and astrtology. He's got an ongoing challenge called (appropriately) the James Randi Educational Foundation Paranormal Challenge, worth $1,000,000. All you have to do to win said prize money is prove a paranormal ability of some sort under controlled laboratory experiments.

Yeah, no one's won the money yet, and almost no one's taken him up on it. Funny that.

Anyway, he also has a weekly news update that features a lot of interesting news regarding the continuing fight against idiocy and superstition in the world. All in all, a wonderful resource for the rationalists.

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The idea that we can be snuffed out by a very large rock slamming into our home should wake folks up. It doesn't, but it should. It would be really nice if we could convince people that legitimate scientific exploration might possibly hold a key to averting this sort of disaster. Unfortunately, it means that people would need to quit squabbling over religion. And we'd need to lock up all the apocalyptic freaks who would love to see this happen.

Oh well.

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Ye olde blogosphere is lit up with news that in the Kansas primaries yesterday, two nutbar Republican conservatives running for seats on the state school board lost. What does this mean? Previously the balance of pro-ID supporters against pro-Science supporters was 6-4. After the primary, the balance has shifted to 4-6. Kansas will be joining the rest of us in the 21st century.


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Daily Kos

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Pharyngula is a science blog by PZ Myers, and it is these days pre-occupied with three topics: ID (creationism) vs. Evolution, Atheism, and the war against science as waged by the religious right.

He also has a thing for cephalopods. I don't get it either, but the pictures he posts of octopi (octopusses? octopods?) and squids are usually awesome. Occasionally, they're weird. Usually awesome though.

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Christians in the Hand of an Angry God

Mr. Hicks's post is an excellent way to kick off the group.

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